This Week’s Keyword: Collaboration

Have you heard something called “the law of attraction”? I believe you have… And this week it has been proven…

Two days ago (December 26, Thursday), my friend and I met Pak Imam Subhan, one of the founders of Akademi Berbagi (Sharing Academy), where everyone can learn everything from anyone else, for free… Well, actually our visit was part of our (EsForEs) program… Errr… I think I should explain what EsForEs is…

Esfores (S4S = Soul For Society) is actually a small community where we try to help people to live according to their passion and potential. By helping ourselves, we help others. How do we help ourselves? By having “teachers”… who teach us about life… I’m sure they don’t want us to call the teachers (gurus), but, they ARE teachers for us, indeed 🙂

Pak Imam is one of them. Our chat with pak Imam, apparently, has enlightened us… For the past few months, we have been facing problems, internal problems, concerning our programs. Even though pak Imam didn’t really address our problem, and we didn’t really tell him about what has been happening in EsForEs, I know deep down inside that what Pak Imam said has truly touched the very essence of our (EsForEs) establishment.

EsForEs was a community that helps others by helping itself… first. And this is exactly what Wahyu (the inisiator of EsForEs) did… He established a community, a small one, for us to learn something from each other, to share, to help ourselves. And from this community, we also share ideas how to help other other people. The problem is… we’re too small, and it seems that we’re not doing anything lately, because we’re busy with “helping others” programs, and we ignored the need to help ourselves first.

Pak Imam said that, in order to develop ourselves, we have to collaborate. This is what happens with Akademi Berbagi. They collaborate! They coordinate, people with people, people with organizations. Who wants to learn something, and who wants to share ideas… Collaborating, expanding, can also help us to share ideas with other members who have the same concern. What pak Imam said, in that instant, inspired me to do more for our small community.

One day later (December 27), I went to a cafe to drink juice with my Parkour friends (for those of you who don’t know what Parkour is, read: ). Actually, we didn’t intend to go there, but because one of them was going to participate in a carbon-reduction campaign, we accompanied him. And suddenly, we got involved. This campaign, arranged by 350, a community with a focus on carbon reduction, is actually a collaboration of different communities in Jogja (including JUMPalitan; a parkour community in Jogja).

And tonight, I just attended a performance from Deaf Art Community (some of them in the community are my friends when I learned sign language few years ago) to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the community. When I was there, I was quite surprised… I mean, I haven’t seen their performance, not even once, but…it was more than just a regular performance. It was a collaboration of the community and other communities. There were Jogja Beatboxing community, BBoy Community, and Freestyle Basket Community. It was more than just awesome! It was a place where everyone learned something from each other, between the deaf and the hearing, among different communities.

Those things made me think… Collaboration is truly a very powerful thing. It’s like, we’re just one big family with a lot of difference! And this week… my target is, to expand, to collaborate, for me, for EsForEs.