About The Blog

Eight years ago, when I first wrote this page, I gave it a title “About Me”, and unfortunately it was pretty much about me telling how I didn’t know what I would do the next five years.

Despite my unawareness of what I would become, I had actually thought about what I would do with my life and hints were everywhere that I would become a linguist from books that I read, discussions I had, etc. The old page was quite ignominious, if I have to say, so I decided to change it and write about the blog instead.

This blog is written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, mainly about both languages. If I’m writing a topic that is relevant in both languages, I will make two different versions in two different languages offering two different perspectives. If it’s a contemplation of either language, I will write in the corresponding language.

The blog will receive many updates from now on (hopefully), and questions will be answered as long as they’re relevant to the topic, otherwise, I will write a new post to answer them. I’m also open to suggestions and criticism. Feel free to reply directly on the post or write to richard.ariefiandy@gmail.com


23 thoughts on “About The Blog

    1. Thanks juga ya… agak stress ni make wordpress. Ternyata tidak semudah MP.com. Bahasa Indonesianya merepotkan. Aku bahkan tidak bisa membedakan antara Halaman dengan Tulisan.

  1. apakah aku istimewa?
    yes, you are special, Richard,,,:)

    selamat datang yaa,,,
    selamat menulis, sesuatu yang aku yakin dapat memberikan manfaat bagi orang lain,,,

    1. Hi steph (can I call u that? :P),
      It is indeed fun to let life gives us surprises, but often, we are faced with options that lead us somewhere, and instead of just go with flow, we also need to be more responsible for what path we are going to take 😛
      How are you by the way?

      1. I think you can absolutely be responsible but still live life without knowing your exact 5 year plan. I mean honestly, have you ever known anyone who has made a 5 year plan and everything goes exactly according to plan? It just doesn’t happen. You can have goals, a general idea, but to know where you’ll be? Who can predict the future? I’m fine, thank you for asking. 🙂 And yourself?

      2. I agree with you. We can only make plans, but who knows what will going to happen. That’s why it’s best to keep our heads and hearts open for any ‘surprises’ life would give.
        I had a fight with someone, but in general, I’m fine. It’s a beautiful morning. I don’t want to ruin it with bad moods 😛 hohoho. Btw, it’s morning here. Where do you come from?

      3. I’m from Orlando, Florida in the US. It’s 10pm here. Where are you at? I’m sorry to hear you had a disagreement, but I like your approach at dealing with it. Power of staying positive!

      4. 10 pm? Good evening then. It’s 10 am here 😛
        I’m from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A place full of traditional heritage.
        Indeed, I’m focusing on what can I do to untangle the disagreement, and staying positive is a important measure.

    1. hmm… i thought by joining clubs would make our writing ability sharpen… well then, it’s a personal preference 😛
      btw, kapan2 tukeran pengalaman dalam menulis blog ya.

    1. Sementara ini belum…lebih fokus ke linguistik dan edukasi. InsyaAlloh pgn kutambah fiksi dng mbikin blog lain. Thx for asking ^^

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