About Me

After rambling about what my blog will look like and how ignominious my previous page was, I thought to myself that perhaps I do need a page explaining who I am.

My name’s Richard Ariefiandy. Doesn’t sound like an Indonesian name? It doesn’t. I’m Indonesian and I’ve never lived anywhere outside Indonesia for more than a week. To further add the irony, I’m a moslem.

My mum gave birth to me in Bandung, but I grew up in Bekasi. I know, some of you (Indonesians and expats, alike) might say that the place I was raised is much farther than “anywhere outside Indonesia”… LOL. Anyway, after spending seventeen years there, I moved to Jogja to study.

I studied medicine in Gadjah Mada University. I finished my study after four years of study, and graduated as a bachelor of medicine. In Indonesia, to be a doctor means that you need two more years after graduating from the faculty of medicine. I did take the professional training for two more years, but few months before I finished the training, I started working for a project.

After years of working in several projects, I realized that I didn’t actually want to be a doctor, and I had never wanted to become one. After contemplating, I understood that the only thing I really enjoy learning is language. I even remembered when I had no problem memorizing various names and medical terms simply because they are in Latin or Greek. While many students face difficulty recalling names and terms in foreign languages, they make sense to me.

It’s already six years since I last made this decision, and I have been facing difficulty and doubts from others around me. But I’m also grateful to everyone who trust me.

This is certainly not the end of my endeavor.