Learning From The Students


Teaching can give us more than just money and satisfaction, nor is it merely an expression of passion. Teaching is basically a place for everyone, including the teacher, to study.

For the past few months, I’ve been teaching my native language to foreign speakers. While teaching, I didn’t only grow my understanding of my own language, which leads to a deep respect of the richness and beauty of Bahasa Indonesia, but also learn other things, such as economics, politics, etc, due to the various background of my students.

And tonight, I just realised one form of learning by teaching. It happened when I was explaining why money is uncountable to my English students. In just few miliseconds ideas came into my mind, flowing strongly, and without being aware, I said to my students that money is basically idea. Why idea? It’s very simple. Money, physically, is paper, but what makes this kind of paper is valuable, while other kind of paper is not? It’s the idea that everyone has that money is valuable.

Learning about everything requires us to open our mind, to be ready to understand what others are thinking, and more importantly, what we are thinking, and how we can articulate that into strings of comprehensible words.

Would Love To Hear From You

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