In a blink of an eye

Inspiration can come through years of journey and traveling, but it sometimes comes in a blink of an eye. Tonight, after taking someone to a train station, I just experienced the latter.

When I was walking out of the station, someone, while laughing, hit me on the arm. I was actually going to stare at him responding to his direct hitting which I consider as impolite. It changed, however, when I suddenly recognized the face of the person. He’s a coworker. Well… he’s not actually a coworker in that he works as the security officer in my place. Nonetheless, I consider him as one because we work at the same place.

When I realized that he was actually my coworker, I smiled and we chatted. I just knew that besides working as a security officer in our office, he also works as a motor taxi driver (in Indonesia we call motorcycle taxi as OJEK). In an instant, I became aware of something I don’t usually think much. I remembered all motorcycle taxi drivers who offered me to ride the motorcycle whom I refused without concern, sometimes without showing any kinds of gratitude for the offers. I imagined that the taxi drivers could be my coworker, or even on of my relatives. Offering this kind of service can sometimes be upsetting when the offer is not responded nicely. He might also receive this kind of treatment from other people.

Showing compassion is what makes us human. What would you feel if you receive rude treatment from other people? We know that if we want to be treated nicely, we have to be nice, but how many people really act upon this?

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