Grammar in Speaking – part I : why grammar is important

A lot of people complain about how studying grammar disrupts their speaking fluency. It makes them speak slower and be doubtful of how should they build a sentence. For this, and some other, reasons, people tend to ignore grammar when studying a language.

Despite the unpopularity among some of the language learners, grammar remains the backbone of a language. And to some extent, it helps building credibility when we use the language.

How can we learn grammar without having to experience the complexity and frustration?

First, we have to realize that as adult learners, we don’t have much time to learn a language like we did when we were children. And sometimes, we don’t have the same ability to understand patterns without being shown directly due to the fact that we’ve been contaminated by our mother tongue so that we tend to make sentences which are direct translation of our mother tongue to the language we’re learning.

The next thing to realize is that grammar makes a sentence understandable to the ear of the natives. Grammar is not just sets of rules of making sentences, but is actually a refection of how words are used and arranged according to a culture. That’s why direct translation can sometimes be tricky.

In the end of this post, I would also like to remind us that grammar doesn’t always come in particular and elaborate details. Some parts of grammar can be very easy to understand and apply. Other parts can be very difficult, detailed, and sophisticated. That’s why language leraning is divided into levels.

…(to be continued)


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