Dancing and Life

A picture of an art performance done by my deaf friends in Solo.

I still remember when me and my friends finally danced in front of unknown audience who most of them are hip hop dancers. Actually, if we danced hip hop it wouldn’t feel unusual. But we danced to a korean pop song, and that what made it unusual.

At first we thought that it would only be a dance competition with not so many participants. My friend who asked me to particiate said that they didn’t have enough participants. So we took the challenge the night before we did the performance.

After discussing the formation (the dance was to have been performed by 8 people but we only had 3 people available; so we needed to do some adjustments), we practiced the dance on the day of our performance. When we realized that it wasn’t only a dance competition, but also some others, and we had to do it in a basketball field, one of us almost gave up. But I assured her to stay.

After a 1.5-hour practice, we met the other participants. We were surprised to see their preparedness. We’re not that prepared. One of us started to doubt herself and asked me “are you sure?” several times. But I could convince her to just dance.

And after watching some performances, we’re not that nervous anymore. Some of them weren’t as good as what we’d thought. When we are called to do the performance, it was like a point of no return. I felt like our life would change after this performance. And it did.

In front of an audience with unknown preference towards korean pop, we audaciously danced. We didn’t really care about the response, even though they clapped at the end of our performance.

Dancing in front of those people was inevitable. So is life. Life is like…’take the challenge!’, and when it comes to the point of no return, you just have to do it. And when you finally do it, challenges become not as hard as what we think before. In fact most of them become easier to handle.

This was a life-turning experience for us. And we know that our lives will not be the same again.


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