How to learn a foreign language (II)

Reading (literally; not intended to comprehend the text fully) aloud is important in that it helps us develop fluency, literacy, and automatisation concerning patterns of a sentence. Reading a conversation text is equally important with listening to it. We will not only know how a word is pronounced but also how it is written.

Regularly repeating sentences in the language you are learning wherever you are helps you with automatisation. Of course it should be a dialog, instead of a monolog. For example a dialog of 2 people introducing themselves, or someone asking directions.

Doing the above practice will improve your conversation ability, especially if you have at least a partner to practice. Without partner, however, it is also possible to be done. Anytime you have a chance to speak alone, on the street, at home, in your room, anywhere, just do it!

Lastly, don’t forget to review what you have learned regularly. If you have a penpal from another country or if you can find a foreigner near you, you can ask for his/her opinion of your foreign language mastery. A good feedback is important for your progress. It will motivate you.



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