After School 2012 comeback stage!

Several months ago, I wrote about Dalmatian, which in my opinion is one of the best, the most unique, and the most talented KPOP boyband. But honestly, for the past several months, I’ve been in love with a KPOP girlband. After School. Just as much as I honor their talent, I am amazed at their super hard work, and unique concept. There are no KPOP girlband in Korea which has the same uniqueness and talented members as After School, according to me.

I don’t like KPOP, actually. My first impression when I saw a clip of After School (Bang!) was “just another KPOP girlband with plastics and not so good of a voice”. Because everyone with standard voice, good dancing, and plastic surgery can be a star in Korea. That’s what I thought at first. But then, their charm in “Love Love Love” which I accidentally found in youtube had made me fall in love with After School. And every time I learn about them, I always find new amazing things about them. I even learned some of their dances too.

They were formed as 5-member girlband influenced with Pussy Cat Dolls style. So, in 2009, the songs and video clips had naughty school girl concept. In the same year however, they’ve shown their versatility by singing and dancing “Because of You”.

In 2010, the leader, Park Kahi, had an idea of doing drumline stunt for their comeback performance, when she heard the music arrangement for “Bang!”. What happened next? They put some stunt under their sleeves. They did “Let’s do it” in which they played drum in a marching band concept after intensively practicing for 5 months. It’s awesome!

In 2011, they put more surprise for their comeback. They did “Let’s step up” in which they tap danced! What kind of KPOP girlband would tap dance? The talented one, of course!

The journey of After School from 2009-2011 has shown their versatility in their style. Starting from a naughty school girl style, to a broken heart style, drumliners with strong and powerful style, and tap dancers with elegant and beautiful style.

Now, in 2012, they will show another versatility. From the teaser clips, it seems that their comeback will reveal their hardcore sexy style! Can’t wait for their comeback.


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