Mangafest! Not Empty Handed

The Action Figure of Luffy D. Monkey from One Piece - self taken photograph

I and my friend were attending Mangafest (I’m not really sure if it is a festival, considering the lack of its festivity :P) on Saturday and Sunday, just 2 days ago. My friend was participating in the comic competition, and was drawing a comic in 2 sheets of A3 paper for like 3 hours.

After the competition over, which he thankfully finished just in time, we attended a talk  show (still in the same event) of dubbing, and were presented several dubbers, among them was the dubber for Naruto. After some session of sharing, the dubbers gave us opportunity to perform, to do our own dubbing session. I volunteered without hesitation, and they gave me a positive response, saying that I have a great voice but less power. But in the end, when the time came for them to decide who are the best dubbers (male and female), they chose me. They gave me an action figure of Luffy D. Monkey from One Piece (which apparently is also dubbed by the same dubber dubbing for Naruto).

And on the next day, my friend won the second place for the comic competition. Wow… we went there barely without money (except my friend’s contribution for the competition), and we went home not empty handed.


7 thoughts on “Mangafest! Not Empty Handed

  1. Woo! Congratz for the positive responses and chosen to be a best male voice actor in the talk show, Richard! I would like to hear your great voice then~ haha Nice figure btw, are you sure to put that stick thingy in his arm??

    1. ihihi… and congratulation also for you, for winning the second position. Next time, it will be the first position! It has to be 😉

      1. Tehe, thanks a bunch… Un, next time it must be better, or I can’t even follow any contest for next time… Lol, you know why… 😛 But, I’m sure it will be okay and even better as long as I have you for the biggest guy behind me 😀

      2. as long as you have me? hmm… as long as you are yourself 🙂 it depends only on yourself, not others 🙂 okay dear?

    1. envy? why should you? you are already a radio announcer! I’ve thought about having the chance to be a TV or radio announcer, actually… 😛 so, in one way i also envy you.

  2. Umm, well, even I did the drawing by my self I still got a suports from you, N, B, mum and others. Yes, it’s depends on me but the others also take an important role for me~ 🙂

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