Not sure about yourself? Ask others…

There are times when you don’t feel confident. Me too. But here’s a great thing to do. Ask your friends about you. If you’ve just finished doing things with other people especially those whom you just knew, ask for their feedback. They would usually give you a more objective feedback, and you would never know what they might say.

They might say that you need this and that, or need to improve this and that, yet often they will also tell you that you’re kind, polite, punctual, careful, and so forth 🙂 And as I said on my previous blog, focus on the good stuff. Then you will get more and more positive things from those around you.


2 thoughts on “Not sure about yourself? Ask others…

  1. but you must ready to face the truth if they said something bad about you…no hurt feeling, it’s just a critic to make you better. I guess,the real opinion about you is there’s a balance between what’s good on you and what is not. So, be careful with the compliment. 😉

    1. well actually, people that already know you would likely to be careful, moreover those whom you just know. a positive attitude is required in order to understand that what they are conveying is something good for us. 🙂 Compliment can be a double-edged knife, it can boost our self-confidence, but it can also render us into oblivion due to unawareness of our own condition. the point is to look for someone objective enough 🙂

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