a nomination in my second day teaching demo

I might not be an oscar nominee, but a nomination from http://simplystephanieblog.wordpress.com has just made my day! A bunch thanks for you Steph!

I aware of the Versatile Blogger Award just this morning (9.00 am; +7 GMT) right on my second day of teaching demo at ELTI. This is such an honor. And apparently this is how it works.

1. Nominate 15 friends (I will happily nominate 4-5 friends, since I don’t have that much of a follower nor I follow that many bloggers)

2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

3. Share 7 random things about me.

4. Thank the blogger who nominated me.

5. Add the versatile blogger award pic on my post!

Well then, I think I shall share 7 random things about me. Not a secretive one, of course.

1. I almost graduated as an MD, but I don’t like working as a physician.

2. Writing and reading are parts of my life. I can enjoy days without friends, as long as I have books around me.

3. Language is something that I adore much. I have always wanted to be a linguist and master many languages. I learned Japanese since I was in my Junior High School, but it was self-taught, so I don’t have many vocabularies, but I aware very much of the grammar.

4. Teaching is an important part of me. Teaching is a way of having a deeper understanding of something. It also keeps me updated with things I’m teaching.

5. I’ve been living in Yogyakarta for the past 10 years of my life, and this city has mesmerized me with its fascinating milieu. I enjoy every second of my life here. It’s feels like home to me.

6. Giving contribution to people around me has been a passion for the past several months. I’m lucky to have supportive friends that share the same passion. We have been doing several social projects, including ‘Selimut Hati untuk Tunawisma’ (giving blankets to the homeless people).

7. I enjoy learning basic sciences and getting involved in short-term projects.

And now it’s time for me to nominate these bloggers!

1. DREAMBUCKET – a great illustrator! We’ve been doing some projects together.

2. Tyo’s Room – a great productive writer, now working for an NGO in East Nusa Tenggara.

3. Simply Stephanie – Hi Florida!

4. wordsfallfrommyeyes – Like she said, words fall from her eyes, suddenly you’ll drowned yourselves in words.

5. PS – a radio announcer from Semarang, Indonesia!

As much as this has made my day, I’m hoping the same with you guys 🙂


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