Focus on the good stuff

focus? - self taken photograph

My teaching demo this afternoon went great! The observers liked it, and the students were like asking questions like “are you going to teach us again?”. It’s a wowzer for me! I didn’t really expect to get such a reception from them. I did make some mistakes in certain expressions, but the whole demo was fun!

Suddenly, all of the feelings I had prior to the demo had vanished. Even in the middle of the lesson, I didn’t feel nervous at all. It just ran well, just like that.

I remembered a book written by Mike Robbins, “focus on the good stuff,” and I was like, “wow… it went absolutely fantastic. I just need to focus on the successes I did in my life. I presented my research for like 4 times when I was in college, and I won a title of best presenter from one of those 4 times. I also teach at an academy. I just need to focus on my strength, not my failures.”

What we pay attention, will grow stronger in our lives… So make sure you concern the right thing.


4 thoughts on “Focus on the good stuff

  1. that’s right! focus on the half full, not an empty one….congratulations for did such a good job with your teaching session. Follow your passion, coz that’s the only one that could make you happy! 😀

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