Dalmatian: Not your ordinary ‘dog’

Lately I’ve been listening to korean songs sung by Dalmatian. I don’t really like korean pop songs, let alone the bands, even though I do admit that I like some performances of SNSD, Wonder Girls, and Super Junior. Apart from its rivals, Dalmatian gives me something different from other typical korean boyband.

This band was released in 2010, and their first song kinda caught me entangled with the lyrics and music. This six-membered band consists of 3 rappers and 3 singers. The combination is very unique and ear-catching. Their performances are also consistent. The rappers sometimes sing, and the singers apparently don’t. But, in a Live Performance, one of the rapper (Lee Dari) didn’t show up (is it because he’s in the military service?) so one of the singer (Jisu) replaced Dari’s parts.

To me, the most appealing members of the band are the rappers. A rapper named David Kim, a University of Maryland graduate, gives you the kind of voice and vocal style (and visual appearance) that is so rapper (being a rap teacher himself!). He’s not a kind of cute-guy-roaming-around-boyband, because his appearance in live performances are just typically usual.

I’ve been listening to one of their song, Lover Cop, over and over and over again since yesterday. I don’t know why but it kinda hypnotized me. It makes me feel light-hearted. Check this out:

(i don’t have a picture of them and can’t find one in Wikipedia Commons)


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