Review: The Passion Test

I’m lucky enough to have bought great books in an incredibly great price. I mean, 1$ for only 1 book? Isn’t it great? I’ve been interested in spirituality and inspirational books since I wanted to be a significant person in my own life, because sometimes we can feel insignificant and let others be the main character. And that’s what I felt around 3 months ago.

My interest in spirituality and inspirations started with this book. I’d been living my life for years without even knowing what I really wanted to do, and it had to stop somewhere. It stopped when I found the book in a bargain book shop in Jogja. It’s actually not a new book, I mean, I’d known the book since 3 years ago, but I didn’t feel the need to read it. Well, the universe has finally prepared me to accept what’s written in the book 4 months ago. It was the most perfect moment, and no other moment would suit it.

The book tells me about a journey made by a woman to India in order to meet holy people and gain lessons from them. She met so many people and involved in so many adventures, that made her find her passions. And since then, she helped many people find their passions.

After reading some parts of the adventure, the writer then guide the readers to do the passion test. It is very simple. You just need to list 15 things (of belongings, or jobs, or activities, or way of life) that you will have if your life is perfect; in accordance to what you really wish. Just do it and don’t think about the money, or how people would react. Just write! After you have written those 15 things, you ought to set some priorities. Among the 15 things you have written, compare one to each other, which one is the most important thing for you. For example, you compare no 1 with no 2 and you decided that no 2 is the most important, then continue to compare no 2 with no 3, and repeat the process. Do this one by one until you have arranged the list from the most important to the least important.

Pick 5 most important of them, and write: “When my life is just like what I wish, I will…” continue write your list, and add “like this, or something better!” Don’t think how you will achieve it, but rather, think what you really want. After that, focus on the 5 things you’ve prioritized, and make indicators. Indicators are things that can be used as a measurement giving you information that you’ve accomplished your passions. Make 4 indicators for each passions.

I will give you an example. My first passion is to have the knowledge and skill in foreign languages and linguistics. How do I know I’ve achieved it? Well, I would know that I’ve achieved it when:

1. I work in a prestigious institution teaching foreign languages and/or linguistics (nearly accomplished this one).

2. I master at least these language: English, Japan, German, Korean, Italian, and French; and I’m still able to learn other languages.

3. I have pen pal from all over the world to practice my skill.

4. I am trusted to be a translator.

Once again, don’t think about how to achieve it. Just think what you really want, and how would you know that you’ve achieved it. This process requires you to concentrate for at least 30 minutes, the longer the better, because you need to delve more inside yourself and to indulge with your inner self; to contemplate. After you’ve finished the whole process, put the written work on places you’ll see often (on a mirror, in your bathroom, on your bedroom wall, etc). The more you give attention, the stronger it will grow in your life. By doing that, you’ll eventually make sure that every decision you take  is actually making you closer to your passions.

Good luck.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Passion Test

  1. This is great. Would have hit a LIKE button but couldn’t see one. I don’t read as much as you – like, wow! But this book has made a difference to your life and that is just great 🙂

    1. wow… i’m flattered… 🙂 thank you for the compliment. Well, you don’t really need to read so much book in order to have differences in your life, you just need to make sure that you’ve picked the right book, even if it’s just one in a year, or so. Oh, and I happen to enjoy books more than people.
      my gosh, where is that LIKE button… thought i’ve managed to put it somewhere… hhh.

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