Night at a Traditional Stall

It’s just a typical night in Jogja. One cold evening in the rainy season and rain has just wet the earth. I was sitting at a traditional stall with my friend when I overheard one customer said that he’s hosting a guest that was supposed to sleep at a certain 4-starred hotel, but then decided to sleep at his friend’s place while at the same time still receive the money to stay at the hotel (it costs around US$80) from his institution. I’m not really sure if it’s a government institution or not, because it’s not important.

The point is that I was quite disturbed by the detestable talk. I mean, how can we hate the corrupter for doing their things, if we apparently are not better? We don’t like police who are easily bribed, but we often bribe them! If we can’t even fairly treat people and with respect, how can we hope that there will be justice for all?

It all starts right here, and it starts right now. One person stands up now, and the rest will follow… (Destiny’s Child-Stand Up For Love).


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