A Resolution: Life As It Is

Life As It Is - Run from it or Face it?

Often, things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to be, but what can we do? We have to take life the way it comes to us, and make the best of it.

Adversity comes to us without consent. It doesn’t care whether we’ll wither away or stand up succeed. But, that’s life. It’s a matter of surviving the process, and in turn, taking advantage of the adversity, becoming the true self we’re supposed to be, and being an inspiration to the people around us.

I had my own terrible part of my life that I’m struggling to overcome. In the middle of the process I found it very painful to face, but I realized that in order to be a stronger being, and a true self, I ought to move on. It’s wither and die, or stronger and alive.

If we feel like we want to give up, we often find people around us cheer and help us to rise, people that really care, and really love us. We’re important for them just like they’re important for us.

And if we feel like it’s time to get up, focus on the remaining strength we still have. Focus on the remaining hope we still have. Be grateful for what result it would be. Make a step forward even if you can only step once. There will be a door opened for us.

Life comes to us as it is, and as it should. What happened to us is the best for us. It is already in the best interest of us.


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