A Resolution: Adversity Advantage

Well, this is not a book review, though I happen to read a book that has (almost) the same title with this post, written by Erik Weihenmayer and Paul Stoltz. Yes, the book has inspired me even before I even finished my first chapter!

But no, once again, this is not a review. This is actually some sort of personal statement. Not that kind of statement used when you’re pursuing some scholarships. This one is merely a personalized personal statement.

I have reviewed the past 2-3 months of my life, and I realized that my desire to just throw away my 28 years of life is not only absurd, but also regrettable. I know that I have to strife harder to overcome my problems, instead of just run away from it. Everyone knows this right? I guess… but why most people choose to run away from their problems? If it’s for the sake of preparing oneself to be more, say, prepared for the problem, then it’s okay…

After more than 2 months of avoiding my friends and families, I decided that in order to pursue a better life, I have to be stronger. This is the opportunity to make your adversities into fuel, and burn it into advantages.

I’m leaving my medical doctor, to be what I really want to be, a linguistics expert, and learn many languages. At least I know that I’m better in Language instead of medicine. And right now, I’m in the process of being an English teacher, studying other foreign languages from various materials, and learning linguistics from books.

I know now what my passions are… and I know that I just need to make more effort to pursue my passions. What about you?


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