Hectic Monday…

Today, ms. Astri didn’t come, while at the same time, Hafiz’s mother said that she’ll take him here. What makes it more complicated is that there is a new student doing try out. Can you imagine what a disaster will be?

Thankfully, at least until the Playgroup is over, Hafiz didn’t do anything annoying. But the next 1 hour, he started his madness… He began running around, pulled tante Ina’s hijab, and as a final course (as usual), he punched his sister. What made it worst is that his sister reacted almost the same as her brother. Ara, the sister, tore some pictures around her.

I got mad to Hafiz when he still messing around and finally threw a ship made of lego. I gaze to his eyes, and I said (in Indonesian) “keluar!” (get out!). But make no mistake my friends… I didn’t say it rudely. I’m able to control myself, and I followed advice from Nanny 911. If you’re mad or serious, show it by not making any smile (let him know you’re upset, not happy!), lower the tone of your voice and convey your words firm and short.


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