Lho… Kok… Dong… Sih

cheers-hula-hula042Those four words are not Thai, or Viet, or even Cantonese… Those are Indonesian’s.

I find it interesting to discuss about those four particles (which I called so) used in most Indonesian sentences.

Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia) is known for the discrepancy between its formal and colloquial language. Both seems to be developed separately. To most Indonesian language learner, it’s sometimes frustrating. Moreover, colloquial language absorbed foreign words more than its formal counterpart. But we’ll not going to discuss this here.

“Lho, kok, dong, sih,” are last sentence-particles used to soften or reassert a sentence. Oftenly, it is used to make a sentence felt un- awkward or clumsy. To use it, you need to listen how an Indonesian use it. I think it’s going to be the same like particles in Japanese language, but, the colloquial particles of indonesian language are not oftenly discussed. Want to share your knowledge? Just leave a comment.


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